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Got unknown calls? Telemarketers, debt collectors, charities, survey companies and scammers often call without leaving a message or disconnect once you answer. Protect you against dangerous phone spam / scam as HMRC fraud call, PPI cold call, Car insurance claim, technical support call etc.

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  • 0141 280 3872

    caller type: robocall

    Says there is a legal proceeding against you (answer phone message), and your house is under surveillance... I don’t even own a house, I live where I work, as I travel a lot and work pays for my accommodation. So, I can only assume it’s a total load of b***. You try to call back and the number is dead.

    2017-12-14 20:31:31Flag This Comment

  • 0141 457 7048

    caller type: spam

    They said they wanted a named person (known to me, but not me) and refused point blank to tell me what it was about. So I hung up

    2017-12-13 19:32:03Flag This Comment

  • 0330 059 0458

    caller type: spam

    They couldnt even get the name right so said goodbye and hung up.

    2017-12-13 18:14:49Flag This Comment

  • 0141 280 3872

    caller type: robocall

    This call states they are from HM revenue and customs and your house is under surveillance and you are being investigated by hm customs. They instruct you to call the same number back and DO NOT ignore this or there will be legal consequences

    2017-12-13 17:37:00Flag This Comment

  • 0134 007 5710

    caller type: scam

    Young foreign lady wanted to discuss problems with my Laptop. Said I didn't have one and she hung up.

    2017-12-12 22:26:53Flag This Comment

  • 0800 027 0072

    caller type: telemarketing

    Stated that I had requested a call back but I had not done so and also said to dial to speak to a customer adviser. Appears to be from Scottish Power??? Number now blocked.

    2017-12-11 23:01:40Flag This Comment

  • 0121 418 3669

    caller type: spam

    No reply. Rang back, but just hangs up

    2017-12-09 22:04:10Flag This Comment

  • 0134 007 5720

    caller type: spam

    An Indian sounding man said there was a fault with our computer and if I gave him access to it, he would talk me through a correction process. Pigs might fly!!!!!!!

    2017-12-09 20:19:36Flag This Comment

  • 0203 819 6320

    caller type: spam

    Pretended to be Microsoft and asked personal info.

    2017-12-08 08:44:04Flag This Comment

  • 0203 819 6320

    caller type: spam

    The lady Sarah Ali rang the company I work for and said she was calling from Microsoft!! She was stumbling as obviously lying. Avoid this call.

    2017-12-07 22:12:48Flag This Comment

  • 0173 748 9024

    caller type: telemarketing

    Company called DG Solutions selling double glazing windows and exterior doors

    2017-12-07 20:26:30Flag This Comment

  • 0166 376 1699

    caller type: spam

    When I answered just a silent line and it cut off after 37 seconds

    2017-12-07 18:04:57Flag This Comment

  • 0180 092 920000

    caller type: spam

    I tried to politely ask the Credit Card Services representative not to call any more and the SOB hung up on me.

    2017-12-06 01:58:07Flag This Comment

  • 0121 726 2491

    caller type: spam

    Rude lady with Brummie accent calling on behalf of a window company. Kept on calling back when told to go away. Idiots of the first order - certainly wouldn't buying anything from them

    2017-12-05 21:49:14Flag This Comment

  • 0115 838 6089

    caller type: spam

    It's homeserve following up about a heating engineer visit we booked. Not spam

    2017-12-05 19:57:55Flag This Comment

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  • Computer Software Service Fraud

    A fraud which involves the victim being contacted and told that there is a problem with their computer and for a fee this can be fixed. No fix actually occurs.

  • Consumer Phone Fraud

    This happens when victims are targeted through missed calls, text messages and ring tone scams. These contacts are to make unsuspecting victims respond via premium rate telephone calls and SMS messages.

  • Advance Fee Frauds

    This is when fraudsters contact victims and persuade them to pay an upfront fee for a service that does not exist. Common examples of this fraud include cold call offers to make PPI claims on a victim’s behalf for a fee, or an offer of employment that requires a fee for security checks.

  • Lottery Scams

    The scam involves being informed of a non-existent lottery and in order to receive the prize victims must send some money or personal information in advance.

  • HM Revenue and Customs Fraud

    This fraud occurs when fraud is commitment against HM Revenue and Customs.

  • Charity Fraud

    This occurs when fraudsters organise the fraudulent collection of money using names of genuine charities or fictional ones.

  • Government Grants Fraud

    Fraudulent Applications for Grants from Government Organisations. This is where Government funded Organisations have provided grants based on false representations or where they have received grant applications that contain false representations and so no grant was paid

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