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0191 691 4779

49 users reported as suspicious call.

18 users reported this phone number calling late at night.

10 users reported this phone number calling on the weekend and public holidays.

11 users reported as unfamiliar call and hung up it directly.

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hang up (22)

one ring (7)

negative (1)

It is not dangerous (1)

Unknown (1)

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0% Spam

No users reported as spam call

0% Scam

No users reported as scam call

0% Robocall

No users reported as robocall.

0% Telemarkting

No users reported as telemarketing call

0% Prank

No users reported as prank call.

0% Collection Agency

No users reported as collection agency call.

0% Commercial

No users reported as commercial call.

Caller Location Information

Location: Tyneside

Country: United Kingdom

National format: 0191 691 4779

International format: +44 191 691 4779

Operator: BT

Phone Type: Fixed line

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