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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to change the name of my number displayed on website?

A: Contact us with Email and Please do input accurate informaiton of your number.

Q: How do I report a spam number on website?

A: Search the number and Click the button with right category on the page.

Q: How to remove your phone number?

A: Caller ID app is a community based phonebook made up of publicly available information and Caller ID app users’ crowdsourced data. Our app ensures that users have the most relevant and current information about their phone calls and contacts. In order to remove your information from our service please contact us with Email, It will remove all information regarding your phone number and also block it from our service in the future.

Q: How to adjust the position of during Call pop-up dialog with using caller id app?

A: During call pop-up dialog can be moved by dragging.

Q: I am using a Dual Sim Card Phone, can I use caller id app?

A: At the moment, It is having some difficulties operating on dual sim card phones and thus cannot normally show “Call pop-up dialog” when there are incoming calls. Our engineers are doing their best to solve this problem. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: Why do I still receive “one-ring” calls from blocked numbers?

A: Caller ID app follows the Android Official API when blocking incoming calls. The “one-ring” situation may persist depending on devices, regardless of the block function provided by Caller ID app.